*VIRTUAL* – Managing Contractors Safely

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Online Managing Contractors Training

Course Outline

General Concepts in Contract Management

This Unit considers the fundamental relationship between client and contractor, and how the legal duties for health and safety are distributed between the parties.

• Contractor Risks and Opportunities
• Basic contract types and their impact on client responsibilities.
• Key Legislation
• The Authorities legal responsibilities regrading contractors.

The limitations on statutory bodies to delegate health and safety duties to contractors.

Managing Contractors

Building on unit 1 and HSG159 “Managing Contractors”. This Unit looks at the typical stages required to successfully Managing Contractors.
Candidates use a selected scenario (one of three) to consider the stages of:

1. Planning
2. Selection
3. Contractors on Site
4. Monitoring work
Post Contract review

(Optional) Assessment – Multiple[le Choice Questions


Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £195 + Vat



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