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Online Life Extension Safety Training

Increasing numbers of onshore and offshore turbines will reach their typical 20 year design life over the next few years. Technical, planning and financial issues will be key factors when looking at the options to repower/replant, decommission or extend the life of the project when planning turbine life extension. However a vital process will be an evaluation of the structural and occupational safety risks. This course provides a comprehensive introduction of the key health & safety issues to address when managing any life extension project.

Course duration: 1 Day

Sector: Wind (Onshore & Offshore)

Pre-requisites? None

Who is it aimed at?

Primarily aimed at investors, advisers, developers, owners and operators of wind turbines. Relevant for:

•Technical Advisors
•Project Managers
•H&S Advisers
•Asset Managers

Topics covered

Key areas covered in the standard course include:

•Regulations & Standards (IEC)
•Opportunities, risks and liabilities
•Structural vs Occupational Risks
•Risk Assessment methods
•Data management & uncertainty
•Structural safety data & methods
•Proxy health & safety data
•Physical safety inspections
•Practical project and safety management

Accreditation: CPD

Level: Introductory/Intermediate


The course can be tailored to address client/project specific requirements. Classroom & remote learning options.






Virtual Life Extension Safety Training

Life Extension Safety Training Offshore Wind

Life Extension Safety Training Onshore Wind

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