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IOSH Leading Safely Training Course

Course Objectives

Regardless of the size of your organisation the IOSH Leading Safely course will show you how investing in safety and health can reap valuable business benefits, including better productivity, increased profits, an enhanced reputation and a stronger brand.
Learners will use a diagnostic tool, accessed via a mobile app, to identify their current safety and health position against a set of critical questions. The tool recommends the actions you should take.
At the end of the course delegates will make a commitment to a personal action plan to improve their own and their organisations’ safety and health management.

Who should attend?

Designed for anyone with leadership responsibilities – CEO’s, MDs, Directors, Senior Managers and Executives in a wide range of industries.

Course Content

Topics covered on this course include:

• Safety and health and what it means for different leadership roles
• The responsibilities and behaviours of a leader
• What effective health and safety leadership looks like
• What happens when things go wrong
• How leaders can make improvements
• The benefits of effective safety leadership

Delegates who attend and successfully complete both the practical and written assessments will be awarded an IOSH Leading Safely Certificate, issued by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) in the UK.

Duration: 1 Day



IOSH Leading Safely Online Training Course

IOSH Leading Safely Virtual Training Course

Virtual IOSH Leading Safety Training Course

Online IOSH Leading Safely Training Course

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