*VIRTUAL* – Introduction to Schedule Forensic Delay Analysis

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Online Schedule Forensic Delay Analysis Training Course

his is a practical hands-on course with no software product used throughout, and provides in-depth training on the principles behind Schedule Forensic Delay Analysis. It commences with the fundamentals of creating a quality CPM Programme and investigates how to interrogate the quality of a Programme against the DCMA 14-Point Schedule assessment and in line with global best practices for planning & scheduling. We will then introduce delay analysis techniques, and discuss their applicability and use. Finally, we will discuss current contractual issues that impact the handling of delays.

We will interrogate sample scenarios and how to review these programmes based against the various methods of delay techniques taught in the class.

This course can be privately run which facilitates a maximum of 9 delegates. If you wish to register your group on this course please contact us.

No prior knowledge required but a basic understanding of Planning & Scheduling is an advantage but not a necessity.

Planners, Schedulers, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Project Managers, Contract Managers/Directors, Claims Specialists

The course will be delivered by instructors with decades of experience in Contract Management, Planning & Scheduling Forensic Delay Analysis (FDA).


Understand the fundamental principles behind CPM Programmes
Interrogate the quality of a Programme
Have an understanding of the DCMA 14-Point Analysis
Have an understanding of planning & scheduling best practices
Differentiate between the different forms of Delay Analysis

  • As-Planned Vs As-Built

  • Impacted As-Planned

  • Collapsed As-Built

  • Time Impact Analysis

  • Windows Analysis

Deliver effective presentations of Delay Analysis
Appreciate how various contract clauses impact Delay Analysis
Differentiate between Mediation, Conciliation, and Arbitration

At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Understand CPM scheduling techniques

  • Analyse quality of a Programme

  • Identify a construed Critical Path

  • Display schedule delays based on variety of delay methods

  • Understand requirements based around quality of details for As-Built information

  • Capture impacts against a Programme in an organised way during the life cycle of the project

  • Understand Contract requirements in relation to the Programme


DAY ONE (Scheduling)

Developing a programme
Impact of Calendars, Holidays, Weather & Contingency on Programmes
Risk Management within your Programme
Analyse & Auditing a Programme
Understanding Responsive Programmes
Frequent Programme Issues

DAY TWO (Delay Analysis)

Managing The Contract Programme
Progress Slippage
SCL Delay & Disruption Protocol
Delay Analysis Methods
Selection of FDA Method

DAY THREE (Contracts)

Introduction to Contracts
Contract Requirements in Relation to Programme
Float Ownership
Identification of the Causes of Delays
Documenting Cause & Effect
What is/is not a compensable Delay for a Contractor
Mediation, Conciliation & Arbitration


Identify Critical Path
Manually calculate Early & Late Dates
Manually create Network diagram
Manually calculate Total Float
Calculate Triple Point Estimate
Identify different delay types
Perform As-Planned vs As-Built analysis
Perform Impacted As-Planned analysis
Perform Collapsed As-Built analysis
Perform Time Impact analysis
Contract Reviews


COURSE LENGTH – 3-days (09.30am till 4.00pm)

Cost: £1695 + Vat


Online Forensic Delay Analysis Training Course

Virtual Forensic Delay Analysis Training Course

Forensic Delay Analysis Online Training Course

Forensic Delay Analysis Virtual Training Course

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