*VIRTUAL* – Introduction for contaminated land – electricity distribution and transmission

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Online Contaminated Land Training

Electricity transmission and distribution networks comprise large networks of overhead lines, underground cables and substations affecting large land areas.  Like many industrial uses the land use has the potential to result in contamination of soil and groundwater, with distinct sources of contamination associated with electricity distribution and transmission.

The course is an intensive introduction to contaminated land management in the UK with a focus on the contamination sources associated with electricity distribution and transmission.

This course will:

  • Introduce you to the latest UK legislation and guidance underpinning the UK approach to land contamination, including the legal definition of “contaminated land”.
  • Explain the risk assessment process promoted within the UK including:
    • the importance of the site conceptual model;
    • the preliminary risk assessment (desktop survey and site walkover report);
    • general principles of site investigation and risk assessment of potential impacts to human health and other receptors;
    • Generic assessment criteria for human health risk assessment
    • outline of remediation options within the UK.

The course is relevant to

Those working for electricity transmission and distribution companies who need to understand how contaminated land is managed in the UK.  The standard course aimed at those working in the environmental and land management departments.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + Vat


Contaminated Land Virtual Training Course

Contaminated Land Online Training Course

Virtual Contaminated Land Training

Online Contaminated Land Training


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