*VIRTUAL* – H&S Management – Offshore Wind – IOSH Approved

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Online Health & Safety Management – Offshore Wind Training – IOSH Approved

IOSH approved course providing an introduction or update on the health & safety risks and controls across the offshore wind supply chain. Course provides an understanding of everyone’s health & safety responsibilities in the offshore wind sector and how to influence, control and monitor risks to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone working in the offshore wind sector.

Course applies learning outcomes using an interactive offshore wind case study that is structured using the Plan Do Check Act approach embedded in ISO 45001:2018

All attendees receive a comprehensive FREE workbook only available via this training course.

Course duration: 3 Days

Sector: Wind (Onshore & Offshore)

Pre-requisites? None

Who is it aimed at?

Technicians, contractors, supervisors and managers in the offshore wind supply chain working for all main contacting parties including:

•Turbine & BOP contractors
•OEM’s & Independent Service Providers
•H&S Advisers
•Client Reps
•Asset Managers
•Operational Controllers
•Marine Coordinators
•Site Managers

Topics covered

Key areas covered in the course include:

•Understanding context to manage H&S in offshore wind
•H&S role of key actor stakeholders
•Scope and characteristics of effective H&S management systems
•Concepts and personal responsibilities as applied to offshore wind
•H&S laws and industry standards in offshore wind
•Scoping/identifying hazards in offshore wind
•How to assess risks relevant to the offshore wind risk profile
•Prevention and control approaches in offshore wind
•Incident management and emergency response arrangements
•Principles of good H&S performance and continual improvement

Accreditation IOSH 21 hours

Level: Introductory/Intermediate


Some parts of the course can be tailored to address client/project specific requirements. Classroom & remote learning options.

Cost: £750 + Vat




IOSH H&S Management Training Offshore Wind

Virtual IOSH H&S Management Training Offshore Wind

IOSH Offshore Wind Training

Health & Safety Training in Offshore Wind IOSH


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Scheduled Courses:

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    21 Sep - 23 Sep*VIRTUAL* – H&S Management – Offshore Wind – IOSH ApprovedOnline - Remote£750Enquire Now