*VIRTUAL* – Getting it Right – Ground Investigation

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Online Ground Investigation Training

This one day training course will give you the confidence to scope and specify the right ground investigation for your project.

At the conclusion of this training you will be able to:

  • Specify the right Ground Investigation
  • Ensure you get the maximum geotechnical information from the investigation
  • Identify the main geotechnical risks

Emphasis is placed on practical and cost-effective solutions to minimise geotechnical risk, provide key information and forewarn of potential problems.

The importance of desk study information is discussed as a means of allowing potential problems to be identified prior to fieldwork and the conceptual ground model is then proposed from which key issues can be assessed and an investigation strategy developed. The need for thorough planning of investigations is discussed and the available investigation techniques outlined and their relative merits and limitations assessed.

Highly interactive, this training course includes reference to case studies and workshops using real data to highlight key issues and develop a hands-on understanding of this crucial, but often misunderstood aspect of construction

Session 1 – Basic geomaterials
Session 2 – Site investigation techniques
Session 3 – Designing a site investigation
Session 4 – Workshop

Who Should Attend:

This course has been specifically developed for those who are involved in specifying or using site investigation information, including but not limited to:

  • Civil and structural engineers
  • Graduate geotechnical engineers and geologists
  • Project managers
  • Clients and client advisors

At the end of this training course, delegates should know:

  • How to identify the risks associated with inadequate or inappropriate site investigation
  • How to scope an investigation to obtain maximum geotechnical information and to minimise geotechnical risk
  • How to undertake a thorough desk top study
  • Where to look for available information as part of a ground investigation
  • The strengths and weaknesses of a wide range of site investigation techniques
  • The usefulness of a staged investigation approach

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £225 + Vat



Online Ground Investigation Training Course

Virtual Online Ground Investigation Training Course

Ground Investigation Online Training Course

Ground Investigation Virtual Training Course

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