*VIRTUAL* – Essential Eurocode 2 for Bridges

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Online Essential Eurocode 2 for Bridges

Eurocode 2 is the new design standard for structural concrete in bridges. This course will provide background to the provisions in the code and explain how to apply them to bridge structures. Practical workshop sessions allow delegates to get to grips with the details and be confident of using Eurocode 2 for real projects.

Aims & Objectives
After this course delegates will:-
• Have a knowledge of Basis of design (EC0) and traffic loading (EC1-2)
• Have a knowlede of the content of Eurocode 2 for bridges, including
o Materials
o Durability
o Structural Analysis
• Know how to apply Eurocode 2 to
o Beams
o Slabs
o Piers
• Know how to design for
o Flexure
o Shear
o Axial loading
o Deflection
o Fatigue

Course Outline
• Introduction to Eurocode 2 and relationship to other Eurocodes and European Standards
• Basis of design, combinations of actions and traffic loading(EC0 and EC1-2)
• Materials, durability, structural analysis and prestressing
• Ultimate limit state
o Flexural design with design exercise
o Shear design with design exercise
o Axial resistance with design exercise
o Fatigue
• Serviceability limit state
o Deflection
o Crack control
• Detailing of structural elements
• Review of design aids and guidance

Further information
This course is intended for Structural Engineers. Some knowledge of concrete design and Eurocodes 0 and 1 would be useful but not essential. A calculator and pencil are essential, but other required materials will be provided.

Duration: 1 Day


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Virtual Bridge Training

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