*VIRTUAL* – Environmental Management in Construction

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Online Environmental Management in Construction Training


This course aims to provide project management, risk advisors and health and safety professionals with a background in environmental regulation and planning when considering a project and also when into construction.


Session 1: project development 

This session aims to briefly outline the environment, consenting and social considerations when planning a development, and also what to expect from the planning process. A brief outline, which can be tailored is as follows:

Planning considerations including section 105 contributions, planning conditions and requirements for other    consents such as noise, working in a floodplain and protected species

  • consideration of environmental and social constraints such as location in flood zones or close to residential dwellings
  • ecological survey requirements
  • desk based research tools and resources
  • future proofing your environmental management system and audits
  • requirement for and role of outline management plans (waste, traffic, etc.)


Session 2: pre and during construction 

 The session aims to briefly outline the environmental, consenting, and social considerations when about to start construction and also during construction:

  • site clearance including ecological seasons and restrictions
  • secondary consents which may be required such as drainage, discharge, abstraction, etc.
  • the role of the construction environmental management plan
  • requirement for and role of the environmental clerk of works
  • what to do when finding the unexpected (such as archeology, contamination, human remains, UXO, etc.)
  • link with auditing and management systems

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £350 + Vat


Online Environmental Management Construction Training Course

Virtual Environmental Management Construction Training Course

Environmental Management Construction Online Training Course

Environmental Management Construction Virtual Training Course

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