*VIRTUAL* – Energy Storage Safety

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Online Energy Storage Safety Training

The continued growth in energy storage applications presents numerous opportunities for the renewable energy sector. However this has generated questions as to what the health & safety risks are and how best to control and mitigate them. This intensive training session provides a comprehensive review of the H&S risks across the lifecycle of Electrical Energy Storage (EES)
project development.

All attendees receive a FREE copy our Health & Safety Project Checklist.

Sector – Energy Storage

Pre-requisites? None

Who aimed at ?

Primarily aimed at developers, installers and operators of electrical energy storage projects:

•Project managers
•H&S Advisers
•Asset Managers
•Technical/Legal advisers

Topics covered

Key areas covered in the standard course include:

•Storage Types: Chemistries & Applications
•Legal & Regulatory framework
•Standards Review (e.g. IEC 62933 5-1 & 5-2)
•Hazard/Risk Analysis
•Risk Categorisation
•System design & controls
•System validation (FAT/SAT)
•Practical site controls (e.g. separation/signage)
•Project management & Due Diligence

Accreditation – CPD

Level – Introductory


  • Classroom & remote options. Course can be tailored to address client/project specific requirements.

Course duration: 1 Day



Virtual Energy Storage Safety Training

Energy Storage Safety Training

Training in Energy Storage Safety

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