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Online Emotional Intelligence Training


Emotional intelligence, also referred to as EI or EQ (emotional quotient), is one of the most important ideas to hit the business world in recent years. It is based on the idea that the ability of individuals to understand their own emotions, and those of the people they work with, is the key to better business performance.
Therefore, this session is relevant to everyone that interacts with others at work.
Traditionally, the emphasis when evaluating potential performance has been on intellect. Now compelling research indicates that emotional intelligence can be just as important as IQ for outstanding performance.
This session sets out to provide your participants with the fundamental knowledge required to develop their awareness of EI and in doing so help them to perform more effectively.

Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will have the skills to:

•   Be aware of emotions and the impact they have on their performance
•   Recognise and understand emotions in others and how to adapt their behaviour to suit
•   Regulate their emotions and so enhance performance
•   Handle and inspire emotion in others

Course Contents

What is Emotional Intelligence?
A set up to the session, which explains what EI is and its role in improving performance in the workplace.
Understanding how self-aware participants currently are, reviewing the value of self-awareness and providing an opportunity to develop this.
•   Appreciating that we manage ourselves based on our values, attitudes and beliefs.
•   Looking at methods of improving self-management and overcoming negative ‘self-talk’.
A look at how personal goals drive our self-motivation, how our beliefs, values and attitudes can affect our motivation and some valuable techniques for personal improvement.
Helping participants appreciate the need for empathy and providing the methods for doing it.
Handling Relationships
•   Bringing the previous skills together to become ‘socially intelligent’.
•   Looking at real life situations and how emotional intelligence plays a part.
•   Finally reviewing ways of further improving relationships using emotional intelligence.
What did attendees think of the course?
“An excellent course, well presented and excellent content.  Highly appropriate for my role and can be easily applied in ‘real life’.” – W.G. Quality Co-ordinator
Duration: 1/2 Day
Cost: £325 + Vat
Live Emotional Intelligence Training
Virtual Emotional Intelligence Training Course
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