*VIRTUAL* – Design of Ship Structures

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Online Design Ship Structures Training Course


This course will deal with the design of ship structures according to the rules and presentation
of the underlying principles. Focus will be given on:
 Determination of global and local loads (actions) and determination of scantling according
to the rules.
 Verification of design using analytical techniques acceptable by class societies and finite
element analysis.
 Serviceability limit state, ultimate limit state, fatigue limit state, accidental limit state.
Working stress design vs. load and resistance factor design.


Engineers and scientists involved in the design of ships and ship systems. Personnel from ship
management companies, oil companies, classification societies and ship builders will benefit
from attending this course. The course is innovative in both content & structure with a careful
balance of theory & practice. Design, assessment and management of a wide range of
engineering structures will also benefit from this course.



9.00 – 10.30 – Lecture 1: Overview of classification codes:

Presentation of the Rules for design and constructions, in particular GBS, CSR, URS. Principles: SLS, ULS, FLS, ASL, WSD, LRFD. Structure of the Rules: Loads, Scantlings, Verifications
Dr. Manolis Samuelides

10.30 – 10.45 Break

10.45 – 12.15 – Lecture 2: Loads

Determination of loads: global loads, pressures, accelerations. Loading conditions
Dr. Manolis Samuelides

12.15 – 13.30 Lunch

13.30 – 15.00 – Lecture 3: Scantlings

Prescriptive rules for the determination of the geometric properties of plates and stiffeners. Building materials. Using of open source codes (MARS)
Dr. Manolis Samuelides

15.00 – 15.30 Break

15.30 – 17.00 – Lecture 4: Verification: yield

Verification of design: Yielding check, acceptable limits of stresses, Finite element analysis.
Dr. Manolis Samuelides

Day 2

9.00 – 10.30 – Lecture 5: Verification: buckling

Verification of design: Buckling check, utilization factor, Finite element analysis
Dr. Manolis Samuelides

10.30 – 10.45 Break

10.45 – 12.15 – Lecture 6: Verification: fatigue

Verification of design: Fatigue check, simplified
verification, Finite element analysis.
Dr. Manolis Samuelides

12.15 – 13.30 Lunch

13.30 – 15.00 Lecture 7: Verification: ultimate strength:

Verification of design: Ultimate and residual strength,
iterative method, finite element analysis
Dr. Manolis Samuelides

15.00 – 15.30 Break

15.30 – 17.00

Lecture 8: Requirements related to particular ships

Bulk carriers, Containerships, Accidental Limit States
Questions and discussion
Dr. Manolis Samuelides



Dr. Manolis Samuelides

Dr. Manolis Samuelides is presently working as Professor in the School of Naval Architecture
and Marine Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and in European
Patent Attorney (self-employed).

From 1975 to 1980 he studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in NTUA, from
where he obtained his M.Sc. in June 1980. In September 1980 he started his post-graduate
studies in the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering of Glasgow University
and in May 1984, obtained his Ph.D. His mother tongue is Greek, has excellent knowledge of
English, a very good knowledge of French and is good in German as well.
In his professional life he has been active simultaneously in two areas: in Engineering mainly
as an Academic and in Intellectual Property.

In 1992 he was elected member of the academic staff in the Dept. of Naval Arch. and Marine
Engineering of NTUA, initially as a lecturer, later as an Assistant Prof. (1996), Associate Prof.
(2004) and Professor (Nov. 2010) in the area of Dynamic Strength of Ship’s Structures. Besides
lecturing, he served in many administrative positions in the Department and the University
Administration, such as member of the Senate, member of Finance Committee, Director of the
Division for Marine Structures (ac. year 2007-2008, 2018-2020). From 1992 until today he has
been participating in numerous European and national research projects in the field of ship
structural analysis and design and analysis of marine accidents, either as researcher or as leader
of research groups of our School. In the course of his carrier in the University, he has written
over 50 papers published in International journals and presented in international conferences
and have participated in various international scientific committees. He has also acted as
consultant for classification societies and ship companies in technical matters and legal cases.
In April 1987, he started working in the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, where he
stayed until the end of January of 1992. In EPO he worked as an examiner, with the exception
of the last half year, when he was selected to join the Directorate for Recruitment and Training
of Examiners. In 1992 he returned to Athens and since then, he has been working privately
initially as a consultant on IP and from 1999 until today as a European Patent Attorney. Besides
his core business, i.e. representing clients, he have been lecturing in Greece and abroad on IP
and has participated in international projects on various aspects of IP, such as enforcement,
technology transfer, best practice. From January 2001 until January 2005 he suspended
activities as a European Patent Attorney, because he was nominated Director General of the
Organization of Industrial Property of Greece, by the Minister of Development of Greece. In
his capacity as Director General he was member of the Greek delegation in the Administrative
Council of EPO and the Governing Bodies of the World Intellectual Property Organization. In
2003 he chaired the Working Group IP-Patents of the European Council. Since 2007 he has
been a member of the European Patent Practice Committee (EPPC) of the European Patent
Institute (epi).


Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £595 + Vat



Online Ship Structures Training Course

Virtual Ship Structures Training Course

Ship Structures Online Training Course

Ship Structures Virtual  Training Course

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