*VIRTUAL* – Cultivating Workplace Happiness that boosts both Wellbeing Productivity

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Online Workplace Wellbeing Training

Workplace unhappiness is a widespread problem that deeply affects our health, wellbeing, and productivity. Many employees lack engagement with their job, which is bad for business. A happy, relaxed, and engaged employee is a healthy, productive, creative, and dedicated cheerleader of the business!

This ½ day course provides an engaging mix of theory, research, and practical application to support colleagues to go ‘above and beyond’ expectation and provides solutions for inside and outside work environments.


  • Identify workplace unhappiness
  • Understand how to tackle the issues of constant connectivity and continual distractions
  • Motivate your colleagues to apply ‘discretionary effort’
  • Generate more connection by focussing on small teams (Together Everyone Achieves More)
  • Promote positive feelings of ‘positive affect’ and ‘psychological safety’
  • Explore what drives employee engagement; organisational commitment; and organisational identification
  • Learn how to listen and communicate non-judgementally to boost mental and emotional energy and motivation
  • Make minor tweaks of your work environment to experience major improvements in our relationships with our colleagues
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