*VIRTUAL* – CDM: Wind & Renewables

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Online CDM Renewable Training Course

Sector specific training on scope and application of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) to wind and renewable energy projects. Includes practical case studies to support the course delivery.

Special course options for Designers and O&M Construction Projects.

Sector: Renewable Energy – All Sectors

Pre-requisites? None

Who aimed at?

Primarily aimed at executive and management roles across the supply changing of renewable energy sector:

• Developers/Owners
• Investors
• Designers
• Contractors
• OEM’s/ISP’s
• Project Managers
• H&S Advisers
• Asset Managers

Topics covered in the CDM: Wind & Renewables Training Course

Key areas covered in the standard course include:

• Outline of CDM Regulations
• HSE expectations
• Role & responsibilities of duty holders
• Purpose and contents of key CDM documents
• Life cycle project risks onshore & offshore
• Design Risk – methods and recording
• Application to O&M tasks/projects
• Reducing risks & liabilities
• Contractual best practice & CDM

Accreditation – CPD

Level – Introductory

Delivery – Classroom & remote options. Course can be tailored to address sector/client/project specific requirements.

Duration: 1 Day



Virtual CDM Renewable Training

Virtual CDM Wind & Renewable Training

CDM Renewable Online Training

CDM in Renewable Training

CDM in Wind & Renewable Training

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