*VIRTUAL* – CDM – Managing Risk for CDM Designers

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Online CDM Designer Training

Course Outline:


RA refresher exercise – Opening exercise and refresher of general principals

Definitions – We add to the usual definitions of hazard and risk that of design, so that candidates recognise designer are responsible for risk arising from THEIR design but not from operational activities.

Standards of Care –  How safe is safe?

Significant Design Risk – How can we understand what significant is without going overboard?

Reg 8 general Duties – Competence: Duty not to accept work unless personally and corporately competent.

Reg 9 Designers duties  – Not to carry out design unless Client is aware of his duties.
– Duty to eliminate or control risk using the Principles of Prevention.
– Duty to Communicate residual risk.

Application of Management systems – ISO45001 and risk

Practical example – Review of design risk assessment.

Improving designs – The value of consultation.

Communication residual risk – Understand what needs to be communicated and what does not.


Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £195 + Vat


CDM Designer Online Training Course

CDM Designer Virtual Training Course

Online CDM Designer Training Course

Virtual CDM Designer Training Course

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