*VIRTUAL* – CDM Client

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Online CDM Client Training

  1. Welcome, Aim, Objective, Reason Why, Syllabus & Introduction – go over pre-course assessment sent to delegates prior to the course to establish what do they know.
  2. Latest UK Construction Statistics – Current Sector Plan and Strategy
  3. HSE’s Role & Enforcement etc
  4. HASAWA, MHSWR, CDM 2015 overview and application with other legislation and using HSE’s Guidance L153
  5. Duty holder responsibilities
  6. Preparation of the Client’s brief
  7. Procurement and duty holder appointments
  8. Requirements for notification of projects
  9. Preparing Pre-Construction Information (PCI) involving existing relevant information and surveys etc.
  10. How planning and design incl. the importance of temporary works and the Client’s duties on ‘Management Arrangements’.
  11. Syndicate exercise – film – what measures should been in place to prevent a delay and increased costs to a project
  12. Design Risk Management (DRM) – CDM Toolkit – ‘ERIC’/’IERCI’ – ‘RAG’ lists with logging and tracking significant risks for the buildability, maintenance and cleaning incl. future dismantling and demolition of the asset. Basic utilisation of Digital Engineering & BIM
  13. Construction Phase Plan (CPP) requirements
  14. Syndicate exercise – development of the PCI and using DRM tools to help identify hazards and their significant risks to assist the PC developing the CPP
  15. Health and Safety File (HSF) requirements.
  16. Embracing and enhancing H&S via Digital Engineering & BIM
  17. Summary with Q&A
  18. End of course assessment

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £250 + Vat


Online CDM Client Training Course

Virtual CDM Client Training Course

CDM Client Online Training Course

CDM Client Virtual Training Course

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