*VIRTUAL* – Building Resilience

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Online Building Resilience Training


This flexible course is delivered over web conferencing to remove the need to attend a classroom. It’s conducted 100% live by our qualified trainers. You simply receive an email with a link to click on, and it will take you securely to the online classroom. It is designed to help participants build capability during challenging times e.g. working from home and feeling isolated. It can be delivered as a single session, or in two shorter sessions.


Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will:

•   Learn more about resilience & stress
•   Learn ways of developing resilience to better cope with stress
•   Develop your own resilience plan



This course is suitable for managers and employees who want to build their personal resilience


Course Contents

•   Relationship between stress and resilience
•   Resilience is a skill, so we can build it
•   Why capability matters
•   How to understand your own signs of stress
•   Ways to build resilience
•   Hints and tips

*The contents of this course are open to customisation. 


Duration: 1/2 Day

Cost: £325 + Vat




Virtual Building Resilience Training

Live Building Resilience Training

Building Resilience Online Training Course

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