*VIRTUAL* – Asphalt Training

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Online Asphalt Training Course

Tutor: Jeff Farrington 

Course programme  PART A,  on line over two mornings:

Part 1   Why asphalt roads fail

Part 2   Basic asphalt technology

Part 3   Surface course and warm asphalts and where modified bitumens are needed

Part 4   Surface treatments

Part 5   Overlaying concrete  (Optional Steven, depends if there is much concrete road pavement in Scotland)

Part 6   Prep work including planning and bond coats

Part 7   Asphalt paving, joints and Compaction


(via cloud but with e-mail contact re queries etc)


B2  Dealing with Tar

B3  Recycled asphalt

B4  Use of asphalt in SUDS

Duration: 2 x 1/2 Days

Cost: £250 + Vat


Online Asphalt Training Course

Virtual Asphalt Training Course

Asphalt Online Training Course

Asphalt Virtual Training Course

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