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Online Asphalt Training

A  course for those working on civil engineering or building sites or  employed on  the design or specification of asphalt work, and especially  young graduates and others  who have little or no experience of asphalt work.

It deals with all aspects of  asphalt’s use  on sites  ranging from heavily trafficked motorways, all classes of non-motorway roads, through heavy goods vehicle parking areas, footways and car parks.

Delegates  will have a clear understanding of the factors influencing the successful use of asphalts as well as knowing about  the full range of asphalts  and  be able to select the best ones  for a range of problems and needs.

They will  also be able to confidently identify problems on site  affecting the works,  their underlying causes, the responsibility for them, how to ensure they are resolved quickly to avoid delays and disruption and especially problems in the completed works.

On completion of the course delegates will be able to ensure their employers get asphalt works which are as sound and long lasting as possible.  The cost of the course, considerably less than a load of asphalt,  will be repaid many times each year.

Delegates also enjoy  a free one year e-mail service to deal with any  asphalt queries.

Modules include:-

  • An introduction to basic asphalt technology including different asphalt mixtures
  • Asphalt production and quality control, including what sometimes goes wrong
  • The selection of the correct asphalts to meet the specific requirements of various sites, ie what to use where.
  • Understanding the Scottish Executive’s  specification requirements  for asphalt paving work and those in British Standard 594987
  • Working with asphalt sub-contractors, how to ensure they don’t have reasons to  claim for delay and disruption and deciding who does what.
  • Site preparation works, ensuring any sub-base is correctly laid and compacted, asphalt substrates prepared for inlays or overlays, including bond coats and tack coats and ironwork correctly fixed to new levels
  • Transport of asphalt for both paving machine work and hand lay work, checking delivery and laying temperatures, and dealing with non-compliances
  • Paving and compaction, checking compliance with asphalt compaction, levels, thickness, forming joints, ends of load problems and dealing with delays in deliveries.
  • Hand lay work
  • Sampling and testing and how non-compliances in any part of the works can affect the asphalt’s durability and cause serious contractual disputes


Duration: 1 Day – Split online as 2 x 1/2 Day sessions running on consecutive days.

Cost: £275 + VAT


Virtual Asphalt Training

Online Asphalt Training Course

Asphalt Training Online Course

Asphalt Training Virtual Course

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