Train the Trainer

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Train the Trainer Training

Course Aim 

To teach delegates how to effectively and confidently plan, deliver and evaluate training sessions in the workplace

Target Student:

Delegates who wish to become successful and effective Trainers or who wish to brush up their Trainers’ skills.

Prerequisites: None

Course Objectives

  • Successfully plan training courses
  • Effectively deliver training sessions
  • Evaluate the training sessions, which may be a new journey for many participants undertaking this course


This course has been designed for those people wanting to or required to provide training in the workplace, but for whom this is not a major part of their job.  This course has also been designed to cater for all participants and will take you through a logical step-by-step approach to achieve the outcomes required.  There are 12 Modules within the 5 Learning Outcomes.

Participants will:

  • Be interactive within this course
  • Discuss the many aspects of training delivery
  • Be given guidelines throughout the course
  • Create a course objective
  • Prepare a training session
  • Deliver a short training session
  • Evaluate the training session

Course Content:


Introduction to the course

Method of Learning

Learning Outcomes



Determining Course Objectives

Course Goal and Objective Setting

Business Goals and Links with Training

Carrying out a Consultation



Describing Learning Outcomes

Identify the Difference between Aims & Objectives

Know How and Why we Write a Learning Objective

Identify Performance at the End of Training

Determine the conditions of Performance

Set a Standard of Acceptable Performance

Format of an Objective

Design  Proforma for Writing a Session Objective


Identifying Target Audience(s) Needs

Identify Audience Needs Determination

Cope with Participant Learning Styles

Cope with Different Levels of Ability



Assessing Training Delivery Options

Pedagogy and Andragogy models of Learning

How to determine which method of learning is best for your group



Conducting a Rigorous Audience Needs Analysis

Preparation for Training

Understanding the Way Adults Learn

Learning Styles

The Principles of A.D.U.L.T. Learning

Conducting and Audience Needs Analysis

How to Design an Audience Analysis Worksheet



Gathering & Collating Module Data

Understanding Development Time

Overview of Development of Classroom Type Training

How to Design the Program

How to Develop Training Material

Conducting Final Checks and Preparation

Packaged Training Programs

How and Why you should Write a Session Plan

What a Session Plan Should Include?

Creating an Appropriate Learning Climate

Establish an Effective Learning Environment

Trainer self-preparation

Set Up and Lay Out the Training

Define Equipment and Consumables you will use

The Trainers Workspace


Set up a Training Preparation Checklist


Delivering the Learning

Excellence in training Delivery

Create the Right Climate

Meet and Greet

Break the Ice

The First 15 Minutes

Deliver the Content

Monitor Trainee Progress

Focus On Your Trainees

Deal with the Learning Resistance

Make Presentations

Pace and Tone

Overhead Projectors and Slides

Presentation Tips

Manage Time

Being Flexible

Overcome After Lunch Syndrome

Close the Program

On-The-Job Delivery of Training

The Demonstration Method


Facilitating and Coaching Learning

Monitoring Trainee Progress

Training Activities

Using Questions as a Learning Tool

The Difference between Telling and Asking

Body Language

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Positive Reinforcement

Further Development Required

Corrective Feedback

Trainee Assessment


Reviewing the Effectiveness of your Course

Course Effectiveness, Feedback and Evaluation

Feedback Form


One to One Training

Paint the big picture

Check trainee’s knowledge

Motivate the trainee

How training session fits into the bigger scheme of things

Break the topic down


Uses clear and specific language

Dealing with difficult concepts

Involving trainee

Positive reinforcement

Practice Time



Adjusting & Editing Training Material

Course Editing and Modification Methods



Measuring Real Learning Effectiveness

What to Evaluate

How to Evaluate

The Outcome Vs. Course Objectives

How you Can Measure the Difference

When to Evaluate

Summary and Conclusion


Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £395



Train the Trainer Training Scotland, Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and other sites  throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

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