Revit for Structure

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Revit Structure E-Learning

RST 00 Revit in a Nutshell
RST 01 Introduction to the Principles of BIM
RST 02 UI Tour, Project Nav. and View Creation
RST 03 Element Selection and Manipulation
RST 04 Visibility Control and Categorisation
RST 05 Model Development Methodology
RST 06 Settings, Units and Linking Revit
RST 07 Modelling Basics – Walls, Columns, Beams & Bracing
RST 08 Foundations and Piling
RST 09 System Family Editing
RST 10 Basic Schedules and Legends
RST 11 Geometry Formation and In-Place Families
RST 12 Slab and Roof Tools
RST 13 Stairs Ramps and Railings
RST 14 Beam and Truss Systems
RST 15 Construction Sequencing (Phasing)
RST 16 2D Draughting and Annotation
RST 17 Sheet Compilation and Publication
RST 18 Basic Subdivision and Collaboration
RST 19 Introduction to the Principles of Family Editing
RST 20 Considering Options and Alternatives

Cost: £250 + VAT per Licence

Group Licence Discounts available.

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