Revit for Landscape Architecture

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Revit Landscape Architecture E-Learning

RLA 00 Revit in a Nutshell
RLA 01 Introducing Revit as a BIM tool
RLA 02 UI Tour, Project Nav. and View Creation
RLA 03 Element Selection and Manipulation
RLA 04 Visibility Control and Categorization
RLA 05 Model Development Methodology
RLA 06 Create a Terrain Model
RLA 07 Working with other Disciplines
RLA 08 Preparing the Plot
RLA 09 Working with Slabs
RLA 10 Kerbs and Profiles
RLA 11 Adding Site Components
RLA 12 Remodelling the Site
RLA 13 Contextual Massing
RLA 14 Scheduling Elements
RLA 15 Hatching Regions
RLA 16 2D Drafting and Annotation
RLA 17 Sheet Compilation and Publication
RLA 18 Rendering
RLA 19 Introduction to the Principles of Family Editing

Cost: £250 + VAT per Licence

Group Licence Discounts available.

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