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Process Plant Commissioning Training

Course Outline


The commissioning objective is to bring a plant on-line in a safe, effective way so as to achieve the design parameters in terms of production and quality. The commissioning phase is one of the most difficult and potentially hazardous periods in a plant’s life. It is a complex issue requiring planning, leadership, teamwork, training and effective communications.

It presents a challenge on two main fronts; management and technical. Successful commissioning requires the recognition of potential problems in both of the above areas and the introduction of measures to reduce these to an acceptable level.


To enable the participants to understand the unique problems associated with process plant commissioning and how to establish a basis for anticipating and minimising the effects of these problems. This will generate confidence in their ability to contribute towards a successful start-up regardless of their position in the organisation. The potential hazards associated with plant modifications both during and outside of commissioning operations will be discussed.


The course should prove particularly useful to:

• Young process engineers or chemists with no commissioning experience.
• Project / process personnel with limited experience and who are likely to assume responsibilities for future commissioning operations.
• Process supervisors and operators who require further exposure to the commissioning procedure

Day 1: Overview

• Introductions
• Course personnel
• Course content
• Discussion on potential problem areas during commissioning and process plant start-up

Day 2: Project Planning

• Start-up planning
• Cost predictions
• Start-up safety requirements

Day 3: Human Resource Issues

• Start-up management
• Man-power
• Leadership
• Employee relationships

Days 4 & 5: Technical Issues

• Technology
• Construction, inspection / completion
• Commissioning
• Initial start-up
– Small projects
– Batch plant
• Plant modifications
• Case studies
Duration: 4 / 5 Days

Process Plant Commissioning Training UK, Scotland, England, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, Ghana and Nigeria is also available.

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