Principles of Construction Contracts

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Construction Contract Training

Construction projects often involve a heady mix of significant change in high value, low margin, challenging environments.

Clarity of the contractual process is key to successful outcomes and despite a common aim to “get finished on time and get value for money” many projects take longer than programmed and cost considerably more than the original budget.

This comprehensive 2-day course has been specifically developed to introduce and explore the contracts used across the industry directly reflects the key contracts, projects and processes that are most relevant to your industry.

The four key themes delivering an effective understanding and practical application of construction contracts are:

• The key principles of a construction contract
• Tendering, procurement and effective project start up
• The essential contracts – including NEC, JCT, ICC, ACE, FIDIC and MF
• The reality – What happens in practice and how to achieve successful outcomes

The commercial management and delivery of projects is driven by the construction contract and this targeted course will improve your ability to deliver your construction projects effectively. It is focussed on successful delivery rather than dispute causation and resolution and will help you establish a systematic approach to deliver best practice and efficient and effective projects.

The presentations are underpinned throughout by discussion, case study and considered opinion and provides an open forum to work through any specific and particular questions you may have.

The course is applicable across the construction sector, whether you work for client, consultant or contractor.

The tutor is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers with more than 25 years’ experience for client, consultant and contractor organisations on public and private sector projects throughout the UK and overseas.

He has significant academic experience at a leading university undertaking research, teaching and consulting activities. He has founded one and contributed to the establishment of two further construction business practices.

An independent consultant he provides technical and commercial advice, opinion and support across the construction industry and has significant practical experience in the application of construction contracts. He is an elected member of the Academy of Experts, has acted as an expert witness and is an Accredited Construction Mediator.

This course has been specifically developed for:

• Civil, structural and building engineers, project mangers, surveyors and construction professionals in the early stages of their professional development needing a broad introduction to the contractual approaches of the construction industry
• Those seeking knowledge and understanding of construction contracts, how they are formed and how to work with them.
• Early career Construction Professionals working towards professional body membership

At the end of the course the delegates should have:

• The Ability to undertake practical application of construction contracts
• An Appreciation of the legal system and the principles of contract law
• Knowledge of the key components of construction contracts
• An Introduction to essential construction contracts
• Knowledge of the tender process and its implementation
• Knowledge of dispute avoidance

Session 1
Course introduction
Session 2
Lets get started!
• What is a contract and how do I know?
• Value, risk and complexity
Session 3
Principles and options
• Standard Contracts
• Bespoke Contracts
• Amended Contracts
Session 4
The Law!
• The landscape
• The relationship to contract
• Express, implied and statutory terms
Session 5
Tender and procurement
• Options, approaches and best practice
• Private and public sector
• Traditional, design and build and management contracting
Session 6
Construction Contract Landscape
• ACE – The consultants
• JCT – The Building Contractors
• ICC – The Civil Engineers
• NEC – Collaborative public and private sector construction
• MF – Mechanical and Electrical projects
• FIDIC – The International market
Session 7
Successful Delivery 
• Start right
• Manage the risks
• Warranties, bonds and insurances
• Programme and progress
• Change, variation and delay
• Payment
• Completion
• Defects and long-term liability
Session 8
What if it goes wrong
• Resolving disagreements
• Solving disputes
• A route map for guidance

Course Duration: 2 Days

Price: £575 + VAT



Construction Contract Training Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen and other sites  throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

Construction Contract Training Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, Ghana and Nigeria is also available.


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