PRINCE2 Project Management Re-Registration

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PRINCE2 Project Management Re-Registration

The PRINCE2® Examination Board has determined that all PRINCE2® Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 calendar years of their original certification (failure to pass the Re-registration Examination after 5 calendar years as a Registered Practitioner will result in withdrawal of certification).

What You Study
Since 1 January 2008 the PRINCE2® Re-registration exam has become an Objective Testing Exam.

Objective testing
3 questions per paper with 12 marks available per question – all question items will be worth 1 mark, making the total number of marks available per paper 36
1 hour will be allowed (no reading time)
Open-book examination (only the PRINCE2® Manual is allowed)
The pass mark is 55% – candidates need a total of 20/36 marks to pass the exam.

Duration and Attendance
This Re-registration comprises a 1-hour examination set at the same standard as the practitioner examination. If you have taken the PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification since October 2000 you have agreed, or are agreeing, to this requirement as part of your initial application in order to be designated as a Registered Practitioner.
This is a two day course with the re-registration exam at the end of day 2.

What is included in the Price?
Updated manual and pre-course material sent out in advance 2 day workshop to prepare delegates for the one hour exam (at the end of day 2).

Entry Requirements
PRINCE2® Practitioner
Career Paths
Project Co-ordinator
Project Analyst
Project Manager
Programme Manager
Portfolio Manager
Further Study
Managing Successful Programmes
CMI Certificate in Programme and Project Management
CMI Diploma in Programme and Project Management

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £695 + VAT

PRINCE2 Training Inverness, Highlands, Scotland.

All PRINCE2/MSP/M_o_R/MOP/P3O courses are offered by Andrew Carnegie Business School.

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Scheduled Courses:

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    5 Dec - 6 DecPRINCE2 Project Management Re-RegistrationInverness£795Enquire Now