Practical Re-Instatement Course

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

Course Outline:

– Introduction and initial pre-course assessement

– Update on Asphalt Terminology
– Specified mixtures, what may be used where

Bitumen Grades
– Grades available and terminology, what the “penetration” value means
– Implications of using different grades

Laying Asphalt
– Edge and base preperation, trimming back
– Tempatures
– Laying techniques, surcharge
– Permitted life / layer thickness
– Compaction, why its so important
– Laying Conditions

Assessment of the finished job
– Surface regularity, crowning and depression
– Texture depth
– Core sampling, air void measurement and compliance judgement

Practical asphalt laying session

End of course Assessment

*Please note the client requires to supply kit and facilities for this onsite course

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