*NEW* Pre-Contract Preparation for an NEC3 contract

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The development of a ‘fit for purpose’ contract strategy is perhaps the most important set of decisions for a successful contract. Perhaps the most important set of actions for a successful project (which flow from these decisions) is the development of the contract documents.

It can use worked examples to illustrate the points made or a client’s current projects to develop the contract strategy.


At the end of the course, participants should know how to :

  • develop a contract strategy and hence what choice of options etc. to make under the NEC3 family of contracts.
  • fill out the Employer’s Contract Data part 1
  • develop and structure the technical documents
  • evaluate the pricing information in the Contractor’s Contract Data part 2 and
  • what to ask for and then evaluate as part of the Contractor’s Quality Submission.

Outline Programme

  • Start Up & 20 minute overview of the NEC3 family
  • Contracting Strategy :
    • Principles & Process for developing a ‘fit for purpose’ contract strategy.
    • Which contract ? Discussion / exercise.
    • Which main payment option ? Discussion / exercise.
    • Which secondary options ? Discussion / exercise.
  • Fine tuning & implementing the contracting strategy : filling out the Employer’s Contract Data part 1 covering other aspects of flexibility.
  • Developing and structuring the technical information – Works Information, Site Information & pricing documents – to implement the contract strategy.
  • Understanding the structure of the Schedule of Cost Components
  • Evaluating Contractors’ Contract Data Part 2, including the tricks they play.
  • Contractors’ Quality Submissions : what to ask, what to look for & how to ensure they do it

What previous participants say about this day

“I now have a logical method to develop a contract strategy and what main and secondary options to select to arrive at a ‘best fit’ contract strategy. Previously, I was guessing !”

“Loved being able to work on my real project. While we will now refine it, the 20% of the thinking that makes 80% of the difference has now been down.”

“Useful insights into how to evaluate a contractor and their tender in order to get not just competitive prices, but also rates and percentages. Also, now know how to lock down their promises to make them contractual obligations.”

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £245 + VAT



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