*NEW* NEC3/4 Programme Workshop

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 NEC3/NEC4 Programme Workshop

Why you should attend this workshop?

This one‐day workshop introduces you to the key aspects of producing and managing a programme during the life of a project. NEC3 contracts have raised the bar compared to other forms of contract in terms of the importance, quality and level of detail of programming expected and the contractual part it plays in assessing change and delays. The workshop will demonstrate that administration of the programme is pivotal to the success of any NEC project. The programme should become the key management and commercial tool in terms of demonstrating both the detailed plan of executing the works, as well as considering and demonstrating the effect/entitlement of change.

The role of planning should be considered a key aspect in the management of projects. However, it is essential that all team members including the project managers, commercial and anyone involved operationally understand the requirements and effects of managing programme requirements to properly carry out their specific functions. Everyone involved on a project should have an understanding of the current Accepted Programme under the contract and what it means to them on a day to day basis. This workshop will provide a thorough review of general planning aspects and provide detailed information on how to manage the key programming matters in accordance with the contract. It will also identify specific new clauses that have been introduced with NEC4 that relate to programme, early warnings and compensation events

Attendees of this course will have a much clearer understanding of the intent of the specific clauses related to programme and compensation events and in practical terms how they should administer them for the benefit of all parties on a particular project.

You will learn about:

• Programme requirements within ECC contract

• The acceptance process and its contractual significance  Logic linking of activities and the critical path

• Different types of float that are required to be demonstrated and who owns them

• Early warning process in relation to programmes

• Compensation events and effect on Completion Date

• Programme submissions + reporting

Recommended for

This workshop is recommended for anyone who would come in contact with the contract programme, including in particular project managers, contract managers, quantity surveyors, planners, consultants, within any employer/contractor/subcontractor/consultant organization. Attendees preferably would either have attended an Introduction to the NEC workshop or have practical experience of working on an NEC project to understand the wider basic principles of the contract in order to get the most out of the session.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £245 + VAT


NEC4 Training London, Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen & Inverness and onsite throughout the UK.

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