*NEW* Background, structure and application of IChemE’s New Silver Book

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IChemE Silver Book Training



The Institution of Chemical Engineers has for the first time since 2004 published two entirely new contracts which have been developed for consultancy and professional services including project management, design, contract management and other similar activities applicable to the process and related industries. The new handbook to be known as the Silver Book contains short and long forms of contract which have been developed to govern the contractual relationship, rights and liabilities of the purchaser and the consultant.

Course Content

a. A general introduction to the application and structure of the Professional Services Contracts

b. Contract contents:

i Agreement
ii General Conditions
iii Special Conditions Part A (United Kingdom) and Part B (Optional
iv The Schedules

c. Application and key elements

i Differences between the Short and Long Forms
ii International and UK application
iii Purchaser and Consultant relationships and their impact of the contract
iv Payments Terms
v Liabilities
vi Intellectual Property Rights
vii Suspension, Termination and Disputes


IChemE Silver Book Training Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen and onsite courses throughout the UK.

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