*NEW* An Introduction to the IChemE Performance based Contracts

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IChemE Contract Training

Course Content

a. General introduction to performance based contracts

b. An overview of the various IChemE contracts including:

i. Main contracts – Red, Green & Burgundy Books
ii Sub-contracts – Yellow & Brown
iii Minor works contract – Orange
iv Professional services – Silver Book (to be published early 2017)

c. Pre-contract activities required to establish a reliable contractual arrangement

d. Contract contents:
i Agreement
ii General Conditions
iii Special or Particular Conditions
iv Schedules

e. Disputes and related matters


Onsite IChemE courses and 2 Day courses are also available.

Our 2 day courses cover all of the above content but would allow for greater depth of review, some work shop activities or to deal with specific contract issues or applications that the attendees might advise ahead of course confirmation.


John Challenger is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of both the IChemE and IMechE. He is currently Chairman of the IChemE Contracts Committee of which he has been a member for over 30 years contributing to the development of all of their published contracts. He also provides independent project management and engineering consultancy and training services.

During the last 4 years he held the position of Non-executive Chairman of WH Partnership Ltd., during which he also developed the company’s business plan, helping to guide the company to an increased market presence leading to a significant increase in its turnover and capability. Prior to joining WHP, he was a Divisional Director and Divisional Board member of the Nuclear & Process Division of Mott MacDonald Ltd, which he was instrumental in forming. He was also head of process engineering with particular responsibility for the coordination of clean industry and science sector projects undertaken by the company. Prior to joining Mott MacDonald he had a range of senior appointments including Managing Director of Shepherd Consulting and a board member of Shepherd Construction. In 1986 he was also a founding partner of GRC Consultants a leading bio-pharmaceutical process engineering consultancy until the company was acquired by the Shepherd Building Group. He also acted as chairman of GRC Projects Ltd.

He has over 40 years’ experience in the process industries including, biochemical, pharmaceuticals, food, fine chemicals, oil & gas, petrochemicals, polymers, minerals, nuclear and defence industries.

As a project director, project manager and lead design engineer, he has been responsible for the successful delivery of a large number of projects. Several international assignments have been undertaken in USA, Europe, Central Europe, Asia, North Africa, Arabia and the Far East. In addition to the above he has acted as Project Director and Senior Consultant on a number of projects in the renewables, nuclear, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

For several years he acted an arbitrator or expert appointed by the IChemE in a number of disputes and is currently a member of the IChemE Disputes Resolution Committee. He also sat as a representative of the IChemE on the Contract Drafting Committee for the IEE/IMechE forms of contract.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT



IChemE Training Scotland

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