Negotiating Course – 2 Day

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Negotiating Training


 1.         NEGOTIATION CASE STUDY                                                                 (Exercise)

 The delegates will be divided into groups – some representing the Client and the others a Supplier – the task will be to negotiate a contract for the supply of equipment.  A detailed debriefing will demonstrate the importance of negotiating not only the best price but also the right contractual terms.

 2.         CREATIVE NEGOTIATING                                                  (Video & Discussion)

The importance of negotiating in day to day work activities.  Identification of the three or four possible outcomes.  Followed by a discussion of success and failure factors in negotiating together with the delegates own experiences.

3.         PRINCIPLED NEGOTIATIONS                                                    (Two Exercises)

Individual Quiz followed by a discussion on the merits of the various choices.

‘One to One’ Negotiation to emphasise the importance of discussing the common interests of both parties

 4.         A Model for NEGOTIATIONS                                                     (Mini Lecture )

 Understanding peoples’ positions in conflict situations.

            –           Explanation of the theory of Principled Negotiating.

            –           Separating people from the issues.

            –           Setting objective criteria.

Summarising the roles and identification of some cultural issues.

5.         CREATIVE NEGOTIATING                                                                       (Exercise)

A ‘One to Two’ exercise designed to emphasise the importance of creativity in developing options.

 6.         WIN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.                                                       (Group Exercise)

The negative influence of an individual approach to solving a problem.  The need for groups to work as a single team.

 7.         TERRAFORMA CASE                                                                    (Major Exercise)

 A major exercise demonstrating the importance of planning and allocating roles in team negotiations.  The participants have the same brief and practice all of the lessons learnt during the previous day.




7.         SYNERGISTIC DECISION MAKING                                          (Group Exercise)

 An exercise demonstrating that the group decision is more effective than the individual’s.  Acknowledging individual contributions.

 8.         CLAIMS NEGOTIATING CASE                                                           (Case Study)

Negotiating the different perspectives of Client, Contractor, Sub-Contractor and Supplier – in order to achieve a satisfactory settlement to the contract.


OR      Depending upon time availability


8.         THE HAKERSTAR NEGOTIATION                                                              (Video)

An analysis of a business negotiation using a video in order to illustrate the principles of the course in a real situation.

9.         ACTION PLANS

The development of ideas in order to improve the participants individual skills – team skills and dealings with others.

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £575 +VAT



Negotiating Training Scotland, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and other sites  throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

Negotiating Training Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, Ghana and Nigeria is also available.

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