NEC3 Introduction to the ECC for Estimators

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NEC3 Estimators Training

Objectives : At the end of the day, participants should :

  • Have a general understanding of how the NEC3 family of contracts achieves its 3 principal objectives of : Flexibility, Clarity & simplicity and Stimulus to good project management
  • Understand the risk allocation under main and secondary options, including how to assemble an Activity Schedule.
  • Have an overview of the change management process & timescales
  • Appreciate the programming requirements of the contract and their implications
  • Know what the thresholds are for compensation events and how they are assessed in terms of time & cost (including ‘who owns the float’)
  • Understand what the data put forward by the Employer in Contract Data part 1 means
  • Know the structure of the Schedule of Cost Components & how Employers evaluate it, so that they can put in competitive percentages and rates in Contract Data Part 2.

Outline Agenda :

  • NEC Overview
  • The main payment options & what they mean for risk allocation & running the contract. Assembling an Activity Schedule. Exercise.
  • A Quick Run through the Structure of the Contract, inc exercise on who’s design has precedence
  • Change Management Overview
  • Time & the Accepted Programme.
  • Compensation events : definitions, , timescales and evaluation exercise.
  • Contract Data part 1
  • The Schedule of Cost Components and how Employer’s assess it.
  • Filling in Contract Data Part 2

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £245 + VAT

NEC3 Estimators Training Scotland, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh, Fife and other sites  throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

NEC3 Estimators Training Nigeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India and Ghana is also available

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