NEC3/4 ECC – Role of the Supervisor

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NEC3/4 Supervisor Training

Training Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates should:

  • Understand the layout, terminology and main components of the NEC3 Engineering & Construction Contract (ECC).
  • Be aware of the key changes made in NEC4 ECC (June 2017)
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the Supervisor, and how they relate to the Employer/Client, Contractor, and Project Manager
  • Be aware of the Supervisor’s activities pre-contract
  • Be able to undertake the duties of the Supervisor during the construction phase – test, inspections and quality control/management of Defects
  • Understand the importance of good site reports – and what should be included
  • Be familiar with the communication forms to be used by the Supervisor
  • Understand the duties of the Supervisor from Completion to the issue of the Defects Certificate



Session 1 – The Supervisor in the context of the NEC3 EC contract (0900-1045)

  • NEC3 ECC overview – core and option clauses; Contract Data; Works & Site Information
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Supervisor + Employer, Contractor and Project Manager
  • Supervisor Duties; Delegation of duties
  • Changes in NEC4 affecting the Supervisor role
  • Exercise – Finding your way round the EC contract

Break (1045-1100)

Session 2 – The Supervisor’s duties prior to the starting date (1100-1230)

  • Reviewing the Works Information/Scope
  • Planning tests and inspections
  • Marking items
  • Setting up the Supervisor’s procedures
  • Site diaries/records
  • Communication forms
  • Exercise – Getting ready for the site start

Lunch (1230-1315)

Session 3 – The Supervisor’s role during the construction phase (1315-1500)

  • Managing tests and inspections
  • Understanding Defects
  • Interface with the Project Manager
  • Communications with Contractor and Subcontractors
  • Involvement in early warning and compensation event processes
  • Exercise – Project scenario 1 – what does the Supervisor do if……?

Break (1500-1515)

Session 4 – (1515-1615) Working with others; Supervisor’s role after Completion

  • Impact of the Accepted Programme on the Supervisor
  • Supervisor input to Dispute Resolution processes
  • Record keeping
  • Defects after Completion
  • Defects Certificate
  • Exercise – Project scenario 2 – Remedying Defects

Summing up and questions (1615-1630)


Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £245 + Vat


NEC3/4 Supervisor Training Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Manchester, Inverness and onsite courses available throughout the UK.

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