Meeting Tender & Contract Environmental & Sustainability Requirements

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Environmental and Sustainability Training

The following material outlines content of a one-day training event aimed at helping organisations to improve environmental performance and address environmental and sustainability requirements of private and public sector accreditations, tendering and contract delivery.

More than ever before, organisations are being asked to provide evidence of how their product and service delivery considers environmental and sustainability issues. Environmental legislation and regulation encourages businesses to avoid activity that would damage the environment or human health. There is also an increasing range of non-statutory requirements a business needs to consider when preparing a tender, engaging in a procurement portal or applying for a trade accreditation.

The training event will help participants to understand these different requirements and identify how businesses can successfully engage with environmental and sustainability issues.

Course Outline

Environmental Issues

– What are the main Environmental issues facing organisations

– Common Environmental legislation and what it means for your business

– Environmental management systems – informal or accredited

– International Environmental Management System standard – ISO 14001 (2015) the new requirements


Sustainability Issues

– What is sustainability – how is it more than the environment, the ‘big picture’

– The business case for sustainability

– Sustainability indicators

– Sustainable consumption/procurement

– Integrated management systems


Emerging Themes

– Climate change/adaptation

– Carbon footprinting

– Circular economy


Course Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £245 + VAT

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