Measurement and Valuation in Building Contracts

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

Measurement and valuation in building contracts are critical factors in determining the commercial success of a construction project.

This focused one day course considers the JCT contract and its application with respect to measurement, valuation and payment.

The range of contract styles under JCT forms are presented together with appropriate methods of measurement. The life cycle of the process is considered from interim payment to final account, including valuations, certification and payment together with the process for dealing with variations, errors, ambiguities and claims. This is an interactive course utilising presentation, video and discussion.

Intended for

Construction professionals, project managers, quantity surveyors and engineers working for contractors, consultants and clients who need a detailed understanding of the measurement and valuation process.

Outline Programme

Styles of JCT contract forms – lump sum, re-measurement, cost plus and target cost.
Activity schedules and their role.
Interim payments.
Advanced payments.
Final account.
Course review.

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