Manual Handling Training

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Course duration: 1/2 Day

The Manual Handling training course is designed to give delegates the opportunity to rethink the way they lift and handle items at work. Attendees will explore safer techniques, enabling them to understand the importance of planning the way tasks are carried out. They will also gain the opportunity to practice kinetic methods in the workplace.



Who should attend this training course?

All personnel involved in manual handling and lifting at work
Person responsible for the Health and Safety of people at work.

Key Benefits

State current legislation on manual handling operations.
Demonstrate the effect on the spine of certain lifting techniques.
Demonstrate correct manual lifting and handling techniques.
Outlining employer’s and employee’s duties.
Awareness of spinal injuries and their causes.
Consideration to be taken before undertaking lifting & handling tasks, and assessing the task and risks.
Demonstration of correct lifting & handling techniques
Practical lifting and handling, including team work/lifting.

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