Maintaining roads and other paved areas with shrinking budgets

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

Course outline

Asset management has three main aims
• Network safety
• Network serviceability
• Network sustainability

To realise these aims, especially in a period of shrinking maintenance budgets, all highway maintenance work should be planned to make use of the most suitable techniques and materials and the work itself should be carried out using recognised best practice.

The course covers a wide range of maintenance practices and materials including manual and machine patching, arresting surface course deterioration, shallow in-situ recycling, full depth recycling both in-situ and ex-situ, provides detailed guidance on the selection of replacement surface courses to meet specific environmental and physical site conditions.

It also examines a range of sites with maintenance problems and gives maintenance guidance for each example.

Delegates are encouraged to send the course lecturer non-attributable slides of their own problem sites so these can be discussed on the day.

• The course is especially suitable for Highway design staffs now needing re-training or updating on cost-effective highway maintenance methods
• Staff employed in Highway Agency MAC’s who will be working with substantially reduced budgets
• Younger members of Local Authorities’ highway maintenance organisations who might be unfamiliar with the best practices of day to day maintenance methods and money saving techniques
• Inspectors requiring guidance on what maintenance treatment to use in various situations and recognising causes of poor quality maintenance work

Not For

Fully experienced highway maintenance personnel

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