Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems for Managers (IEC 61508/IEC 61511)

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Safety Instrumented Systems Training


The key objectives of the Workshop are to provide Senior Managers with an overview of the key technical, legal and safety regulatory issues in achieving a tolerable risk so far as they affect the decisions of managers with responsibility for functional safety.  The workshop will cover Key Performance Indicators in relation to the achievement of functional safety.

Key technical topics covered

  • The fundamentals of functional safety including overview of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511
  • Corporate Risk Policy & achievement of legal Requirements and demonstrating that the Target Risk is achieved As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)
  • Compliance requirements covering the Technical requirements, Competence, Functional Safety Audits, Functional Safety Assessments, Proof Testing
  • Importance of end user knowledge to secure optimum solutions regarding functional safety matters which might have significant resource implications
  • Criteria for suppliers of devices/elements/subsystems/systems

Key legal and safety regulatory issues

  • Introduction and overview of Health and Safety legislation: HSW etc. Act 1974; Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Powers of Inspectors including Improvement Notices & Prohibition Notices
  • Offences and implications for managers
  • What happens when things go wrong:
    • Investigation by the Safety Regulator (e.g. HSE)
    • Gathering evidence – Statements and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE)
    • Fee for intervention and impact on investigation
    • Penalties
    • Fatal accidents, manslaughter and the role of the police
  • Competent Authority Delivery guides; overview and discussion.

The Workshop will be interactive and encourage discussion on key topics.

Duration: 1 Day



Safety Instrumented Systems Training Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, UK.

Safety Instrumented Systems Training Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and onsite courses available throughout-out the UK.

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