Introduction to Negotiation

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Course duration: 1 Day

Course Running Order

Negotiation Defined
How does negotiation fit with procurement?
Negotiation as a process

The importance of planning

Gathering information
Market factors
Costs and prices
Recognising different styles of negotiator
Analysing Information
Developing the strategy for the negotiation
Setting targets
Deciding on the relationship approach

Managing the negotiation

Some Do’s and Don’ts
How to encourage movement
Persuasion and other common negotiation behaviours

This course includes a one-day role-play exercise in which delegates working in teams will be filmed and their performance evaluated to enable the development of a personal improvement plan

Course objectives
The course is intended to equip the attendee with a practical framework within which they can manage their key negotiations including an overview of the most common approaches, techniques, tactics and ploys used by skilled negotiators when planning and implementing a negotiation strategy.

Who should attend?

Teams seeking practical hands on introduction to negotiation practice in a commercial setting. Teams seeking to build their team and ensemble negotiation performance

Duration / Fees

A 2-day course, single manned day one, double manned day two.

Can be run over a two or three week cycle – simply ask when booking

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