Introduction to Contract Management

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Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £545 + VAT

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Day 1

Common problems in contracts let with suppliers
Setting objectives for procurement projects
The skills required for effective contract management
Understanding the total life cost of ownership approach to contract management

The competitive tendering process and its impact on contract management
Supplier selection and evaluation
Risk assessment and management for procurements
Developing specifications and key performance indicators for contracts
The responsibility for contract management

Day 2

Ensuring compliance with the contract and understanding contractual remedies for poor performance
Effective contract monitoring
Creating partnering style relationships with suppliers
Negotiating improvements to current service delivery
Motivational factors that enhance performance and create continuous improvement
Review and evaluation

Who should attend?

Purchasers who are involved in the management of large long term contracts for the supply of complex goods and or services.

Course Objective

To provide new purchasing staff and those involved in managing major supplier contracts with the essential framework of understanding for them to develop their practice toward effective results oriented contract management

Duration / Fees

A 2 day single manned course

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