Introduction to Contaminated Land

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

The contaminated land sector is wide-ranging, affects many engineering projects and can have significant impacts on the design, development and construction of projects.

A timely and considered approach is essential and this one-day course is a practical introduction to contaminated land.

Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (introduced by section 57 of the Environment Act 1995) and other associated legislation means that frequently those involved with any construction and earthworks projects need an understanding of the legislation relating to brownfield development and its impact.

Project staff may be required to procure, design from, or act on a contaminated land investigation and assessment, but lack a basic understanding of subject.

For many a broad understanding is needed and this course will provide an invaluable starting point and basic grounding in contaminated land, enabling the non-specialist to appreciate the challenges faced with contaminated land and understand how best to form a strategy for dealing effectively with it in the context of their projects.

A background to current legislation is followed by an outline of key assessment criteria for both desk study and ground investigation including chemical analysis requirements. Risk assessment methodologies are also presented and discussed together with an outline of the remediation techniques in common use and waste management issues. Finally some thoughts on consultant selection are considered.

The course attracts a wide range of disciplines, which creates a good forum for open discussion with many perspectives being generated.

The tutor is a contaminated land specialist with a leading multi-disciplinary consultancy and has extensive expertise and experience of contaminated land assessment and management.


At the end of the course you should have a better understanding of:
the current legislation relating to contaminated land and associated issues
requirements of a desk top study and useful information sources
ground investigation – requirements, parameters, techniques, sampling and analysis of soils and groundwater
risk assessment as applied to contaminated land in the UK
remediation methods in common use
associated waste management issues
consultant selection

Intended for

This introductory course has been designed for those for whom contaminated land is not their primary design function such as geotechnical, civil and structural engineers, project managers, landowners, developers, earthworks contractors, builders and regulators.
It is also suitable for non-technical delegates looking to develop an informed and considered opinion.

Outline Programme

Overview of contaminated Land
Legislation Update
Ground Investigation – Desk studies
Ground Investigation – Site Investigation, Sampling and Analysis
Risk Assessment
Remediation Techniques
Consultant Selection

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