Introduction to Chemistry for Contaminated Land

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Contaminated Land Training

The courses will be of relevance to:

•Regulatory and local authority staff involved with contaminated land issues
•Problem holders and developers needing a more in-depth understanding of contaminated land issues
•Anyone producing contaminated land reports
•Anyone reviewing third party reports

The course will teach delegates:

•outline basic molecular properties and bonding types;
•basic principles of radioactivity;
•some key inorganic contaminants;
•hands-on investigation of organic contaminants using molecular models;
•composition of petroleum hydrocarbons;
•range of commonly used analytical techniques; and
•basic principles of equilibrium partitioning / phase interactions and how chemicals behave in the ground.

By the end of the course you should be better able to:

•interpret analytical results;
•recognise different types of contamination and understand their likely behaviour in the environment;
•identify key exposure and migration pathways that should be considered for different contaminants;
•identify considerations affecting the selection of sampling and analysis techniques during site investigation.

All delegates will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance – which should be retained and used to provide evidence of CPD activity when required by employers or professional bodies.
Duration: 1 Day


Cost: £275 + VAT


Contaminated Land Training Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen, Perth and Stirling.

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