How to Produce Safe and Durable Utility Reinstatments

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

Course Outline

Session 1

 Excavation, Backfill and Sub base.

o Classification and re-use of excavated material.
o Sub base options.
o Placement and compaction of backfill and sub base.
o Foamed concrete, recycled products and other ‘Alternative’ materials.

 Asphalt terminology update, material properties and identification.

o Hot Rolled Asphalt, Stone Mastic Asphalt and Asphalt Concrete.
o Differences between the materials
o Where each asphalt mixture should/may be used.
o Specifying and ordering.

Session 2

 Aggregate properties.

o PSV – polished stone value and AAV – aggregate abrasion value, why they are important.
o Basics of skid resistance.
o Why similar asphalt mixtures, from different suppliers, may handle differently.

 Bitumen grades

o Grades available and terminology, what the ‘penetration’ value means.
o Implications of using different grades.

 Laying asphalt.

o Edge and base preparation, trimming back.
o Temperatures.
o Laying techniques, surcharge.
o Lift/layer thickness.
o Compaction, why it’s so important.

Session 3

 Ancillary activities.

o Road markings, High Friction Surfacing, coloured surface treatments.

 Assessment of the finished job.

o Surface regularity, crowning and depression.
o Texture Depth.
o Core sampling, air void measurement and compliance judgment.

 Practical asphalt laying session (Closed courses only)

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