How to get Best Value from Asphalt and more Durable Roads with Jeff Farrington

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

Course Content

Tables showing BS mixes and the new BS EN descriptions



Why are we using SMA and thin asphalt concretes?

A guide to the selection of surface course and binder course mixtures

Selecting the psv and aav of aggregates

Recycled materials

Preparatory work prior to laying asphalt

Tack coats and Bond coats, including BS594987 clause 5.5


Hand laying sma

Factors affecting the quality of paving

Compaction and joints mainly

Guidance on using thin surfacing, making sure sites are suitable

Skid resistance

Using High Friction Surfacing on existing ( ie not new) surface courses

BS 594987 laying thicknesses and temperatures and Test Method BS & EN’s

Jeff Farrington – Background

Jeff Farrington chaired the British Standards Asphalt Committee for 20 years and was Group Engineer with a large English County Council for 25 years dealing with all types of road from Motorways to city streets and country lanes, and with responsibility for the Highways Materials Testing Laboratory for part of this time. He was also a member of the European Asphalt Committee which produced the current BS EN asphalt standards.

An asphalt anorak at heart, he will deal with most asphalt problems raised by Synergie course delegate’s and all asphalt queries e-mailed to him, by e-mail, free of charge, for a period of 12 months following the course.

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