Gear Design

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Gear Design Training

Course overview

The fundamentals of gear design and an appreciation of the flexibility of the involute system with its ability to accommodate arbitrary centre distance and ratio using only standard tooth forms are essential knowledge for those concerned with gearing.  As this is still less widely understood than might be expected, even by some already in the industry and the topics are neglected in much engineering education, there is a continuing need for a specialist post-experience course giving clear explanations

Course objectives

This course is intended to give a basic understanding of gear geometry and design procedures. A brief introduction to manufacture is included, as is metrology and tolerancing. The lectures will be reinforced by classroom tutorials.

Gear load capacity will be considered mainly by reference to existing design standards including ISO 6336, and gauging dimensions will also reference British and International Standards.

Course content

The following topics are included:

  • Geometry of the Involute Tooth Form and its appreciation to Parallel Axis Gearing
  • Geometric Design of Spur and Helical Gears
  • Tutorial Examples on Gear Load capacity
  • Tutorial Examples on Gear Design
  • Gear Lubrication
  • Gear Measurement and Gauging Dimensions
  • Gear Noise
  • Gear Failures

Who should attend

The course will be of benefit to those with some previous experience and also those who have recently become involved with gearing.

Participants will need to bring their own scientific calculators.

Duration: 5 Days

Cost: £1550 + VAT

Gear Design Training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

Gear Design Training Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, Ghana and Nigeria is also available.


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