Formation Pressure Evaluation

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The course describes the background to, and the prediction and evaluation of, overburden, pore and fracture pressures. While the emphasis is on practical evaluation, the course also describes how formation pressures influence hydrocarbon generation and migration.   

A thorough review of fundamentals of formation pressures and earth stresses is used to provide a firm foundation for the rest of the course which includes overburden and fracture pressure evaluation, pore pressure generation mechanisms, seal types and breaching and hydrodynamics (tilted contacts).

Elements of pre-well prediction are covered for the well planning process as all the commonly used methods of real-time wellsite evaluation including direct measurements, curve trend analysis using non-proprietary algorithms, caving and gas analysis and hole condition evaluation.

Computer analysis is described and pore pressure evaluation software can be provided if required. A number of exercises and activities are used to reinforce the learning.


Intermediate to advanced – Participants should have knowledge of wellsite operations.


To give the participant a firm foundation in all aspects of formation pressure evaluation.

Target Audience

Wellsite and operations geologists, drilling engineers who want to to consolidate and enhance their formation pressure evaluation skills. The course is also suitable for subsurface geologists and petrophysicists who have knowledge of wellsite operations.

Course Content (Daily Outline)

Day 1

Introduction to the course.

Fundamentals of formation pressures and stresses.

Overburden pressures and fracture pressure calculations.

Day 2

Fracture pressure and LOT/FIT evaluation.

Pore pressure generation mechanisms.

Centroid, hydrocarbon buoyancy, seals and hydrodynamics

Day 3

Pore pressure prediction and evaluation techniques.

Mathematical methods using curve data.

Day 4

Pore pressure prediction and evaluation techniques.

Wellsite indicators.

Day 5

Computer evaluation techniques.

HTHP considerations.

Course finalisation.


33 years industry experience as a mudlogger, data engineer, pore pressure engineer, wellsite and operations geology. He has been providing training courses in all these topics for the last 15 years to oil companies and training providers worldwide. He lectures part time at the universities of Manchester and Derby and is lead facilitator and course creator for BP’s Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) for operations geology. He is a subject matter expert in wellsite and operations geology, wellsite data management, formation pressure evaluation and HTHP wells. He is also experienced in writing procedures and manuals having done so for both Exxon and BP.

Formation Pressure Evaluation training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

Formation Pressure Evaluation Training is also availble in Ghana, Nigeria and Qatar.

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