Flood Risk Assessments

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT


In 2006 alone, nearly 16,000 dwellings were constructed in high flood risk areas and around a quarter of all properties flooded in the summer of 2007 had been built within the past 25 years. This introductory course examines the rights, legal responsibilities and technical challenges associated with all aspects of flood risk and its assessment.

The Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) published in February 2010 supersedes the following documents, which are now revoked:

• SPP 2 – Economic Development
• SPP 3 – Planning for Homes
• SPP 4 – Planning for Minerals
• SPP 6 – Renewable Energy
• SPP 7 – Planning and Flooding
• SPP 8 – Town Centres and Retailing
• SPP 10 – Planning for Waste Management
• SPP 11 – Open Space and Physical Activity
• NPPG 12 – Skiing Developments
• NPPG 13 – Coastal Planning
• NPPG 14 – Natural Heritage
• SPP 15 – Planning for Rural Development
• SPP 16 – Opencast Coal
• SPP 17 – Planning for Transport
• NPPG 19 – Radio Telecommunications
• SPP 20 – Role of Architecture and Design Scotland
• SPP 21 – Green Belts
• SPP 22 – Planning for Fish Farming
• SPP 23 – Planning and the Historic Environment
• Circular 12/1986 – Planning Control over Onshore Oil and Gas Operations
• PAN 53 – Classifying the Coast for Planning Purposes

Course Objectives:

Learning Outcomes:

Flood risk assessment should be undertaken to the appropriate degree at all levels of the planning process. This is to ensure that the risks of all forms of flooding to and from development are assessed, taking into account the effects of climate change and the wider implications of sustainability.

Aims & Objectives:

This course will provide an overview and basic understanding of the concepts of flood risk assessment and its application.

Course Outline:

Session 1 – Sustainable Development & Climate Change
Session 2 – The Pitt Review – Lessons Learned from the 2007 Floods
Session 3 – Designations – Main rivers, watercourses, ditches, channels, sewerage.
Session 4 – Legislation, Legal Powers & Responsibilities
Session 5 – Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) February 2010: Development & Flood Risk
Session 6 – Case Study

Mode of Delivery:

This course will examine ways in which assessment methods may be applied to specific flooding issues through formal presentations, interactive group exercises, discussion and a problem based case study. Course participants will be required to apply knowledge gained during tutored sessions into syndicate work and role play.

Benefits Perceived by Participants

After the course, delegates should have an awareness of the responsibilities of relevant bodies and individual stakeholders to a range of flood risk assessment issues.

Intended for:

The nature of the course is such that a wide range of backgrounds and experience can be accommodated. It is suited to delegates from public and private sector clients, including local government officers, developers, designers, planners, architects, surveyors, engineers and other construction professionals.

Pre Course Requirements:


Course Duration:

1 day (6 hrs) IPD/CPD


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