Fire Risk Assessors Training

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Fire Risk Assessors Course


The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and similar legislation in England and Wales require a fire risk assessment to be undertaken for virtually all premises except domestic premises. The risk assessment in most cases has to be recorded and it should be suitable and sufficient. Fire risk assessments seek to identify hazards and risks so as to reduce these to as low as possible. There is also a need to determine what fire safety measures and management policies are necessary to ensure the safety of people in the building should fire occur.


 The aims and outcomes of a fire risk assessors course are to develop:


  • An awareness of current fire safety legislation
  • An understanding of the fire risk assessment process
  • An awareness of building standards
  • A better and broader understanding of fire safety issues encountered in the workplace and buildings


Cost: £600 per candidate


Length of Course



3 days


Who is the Course designed for?


This course is aimed at persons who may have responsibility for undertaking risk assessments and to assist in competency. This course will also prove useful for certain companies who may have originally used the services of an external risk assessor and who wish to follow up annual reviews using nominated internal staff. Delegates will be expected to have background knowledge of fire safety but who may have little or no experience in undertaking fire risk assessments


Course Programme Includes


  • Fire Safety Legislation (Scotland)
  • Annexe’s of the sector specific guides
  • Fire risk assessment principles
  • Hazards & Risks
  • The fire risk assessment form
  • Virtual fire risk assessment table top exercise 1
  • Practical fire risk assessment of a building exercise 2



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