EuroCode 6 – Design of British Masonry Structures

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Course duration: 1 Day


This introductory one-day course provides an opportunity to be introduced to Eurocode 6 focusing on the key elements of the new design code. A brief overview of the Eurocode suite is also given, placing masonry design in the context of the other design Eurocodes.

The course is highly interactive with worked tutorial examples and is based on practical design problems.

Delegates should bring their Codes and the National Annex (for Part 1.1) with them: participation is activelyencouraged throughout. Delegate numbers are limited to approx. 16 participants to encourage this approach.


The course will major on unreinforced design. At the end of the course, participants should:

• Be aware of the development and operation of Eurocode 6.
• Understand the structure, operation and interaction of Eurocode 6 within the Eurocode suite.
• Be conversant with the properties and terminology of the masonry structural units
• Be conversant with the properties and terminology of the mortars
• Be conversant with the key features of EN 1996-1-1.
• Be conversant with the new approach for concentrated loads in EN 1996-1-1.
• Be able to design a compressively loaded wall using Eurocode 6.
• Be able to design of a laterally loaded wall panel using Eurocode 6.


Civil and structural engineering designers who wish to update on the differences between BS 5628 and EN1996 -1 -1 and the new aspects contained in EN1996 -1 -1. Participants should bring a copy of EN1996-1-1 as well as the National Annex for Part 1-1 together with calculator and pad.


This course starts at 9.00 am with registration and will run until 5 pm. Coffee / tea breaks plus a light buffet lunch are provided. All timings, except the start time, are approximate and may be adjusted to suit natural breaks in the programme. Aide memoir course notes are provided either in printed form or electronically before the event.


The Course will be taken by Dr J Morton. He is a Consulting Engineer and is the ISE representative on the BSI Masonry Code Committees. He was the National Technical Coordinator for Masonry for the UK who was responsible for the Calibration Exercises and preparing the National Annexes.

Introduction to Eurocodes

• Their function and how they operate
• The role of the National Annex
• The role of the Published Document (Residual Standards/NCCI)
• Materials – the units and the mortars
• Classification of the structural units
• Classification of mortar
• Characteristic compressive strength
• Compressive loaded design
• Slenderness
• Calculation of eccentricity
• Effective height and thickness
• Calculation of eccentricity
• Capacity reduction for slenderness and eccentricity
• Design load resistance
• Laterally loaded panel design
• Basic approach
• Characteristic flexural strengths
• Design load resistance


Example calculations for

• Compression design
• Laterally loaded wall panels.

• Course Summary, Feedback Questionnaire and Close

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