Environmental Awareness Introductory Certificate

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Duration: 1 Day

The need for businesses to address environmental issues has never been greater.

The aim of this course is to provide candidates with an overview of the main local and global environmental issues facing society today.  The focus will be on identifying and understanding changes that can be made in the workplace or home to minimise this impact.

Course Content:

The course covers the following subjects:

Environmental Issues
From global warming and climate change to resource depletion and loss of biodiversity. This module provides an overview of the primary local and global environmental issues facing society today.

The main causes of air, water and land pollution. The impact of pollution on humans, animals, plants and property.  How to identify pollution risks and best practice for pollution prevention.

Business and the Environment
Exploring the links between the activities, products and services of the organisation and a range of environmental issues.

Environmental Management
The typical benefits to businesses that implement environmental good practice and an introduction to recognised environmental management systems (ISO14001, BS8555, EMAS)

Environmental Law
The principles and importance of environmental law and how to ensure compliance with legislation.

Energy and Water
The procedure for conducting a simple review of energy and water consumption and simple measures for reducing consumption at work and at home.

Waste Management
The procedure for conducting a simple waste audit. An introduction to waste minimisation using the “reduce-reuse-recycle” hierarchy and the benefits of waste minimisation to the environment and the organisation.

The role of the motor vehicle in operating a business and the potential to minimise its environmental impact.

Entry Requirements:

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Duration of the Course:

One full day. This course can be tailored for your organisation and provided as in-house awareness training or candidates can attend an open course where they can learn from and share experiences with candidates from other organisations.

Who Should Attend:

This course has been designed to be applicable to candidates working at any level, in any sector. All who have an interest in environmental issues and want to reduce their impact on the environment should attend.

Course Structure:

The course will be delivered by a mixture of presentations, group exercises and discussions. All candidates must compile a mini portfolio of evidence generated throughout the day for assessment.

Course Outcomes:

The objectives of the programme are that, following satisfactory completion of the training and assessment, the candidate will be able to:

  • Identify, define and explain relevant environmental issues;
  • Understand simple measures that can be implemented to reduce the environmental impacts of organisations;
  • Understand the business and community benefits of environmental management;
  • Understand the importance of environmental legislation and the authorities responsible for its enforcement;
  • Identify opportunities to minimise waste arising in the workplace;
  • Identify water efficiency and energy efficiency measures.

Cost: £250 + VAT

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